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‘I am still baffled as to how this treatment works, but work it certainly does. From the time I left your office until now, I have had no desire for any wine or other form of alcohol. As you know we own a bar. I have been in with my husband and had a soft drink or sparkling water, I do not feel any desire for a drink. I only hope it does not wear off.As yet I have not told any friends or relatives, did not want to deal with scepticism. I shall tell them soon. Anyone who is interested I shall certainly pass on your details. All the best' Kath

‘Still can't believe the effect the treatment is having on me. I am returning to my old self without alcohol controlling me. I had got to the point where I was so ashamed and scared about the bottle of wine (and often more) that I was downing ... And not really enjoying it. I have realised that it has been a prop for so long (many years) and then a physical addiction which I don't think I could have stopped without this treatment. It is four weeks since my last drink and I no longer crave one (I actually can't bear the smell of alcohol which is amazing). What I have now is excitement about my new start. I feel fresher, lighter - physically and mentally. I have managed to ride some very low points without a drink (I am divorcing and moving to a new area so a very challenging time) and I am feeling in control of my life again. Thank you so much'. Alison

'My marriage was going downhill rapidly and I needed to get my wife help. I booked her and she has now stopped drinking completely it really does work I would suggest to anyone thinking about using this company you should go for it it works 100%'. Mr Patel

'I have been completely alcohol free since visiting your London centre in February and I haven't missed not having the drink. Also at long last I have finally shed a few pounds, not many about 11lbs but still better off than on. This has helped me to feel very positive in general, I already felt positive about the drink!' Very many thanks'. Ms MJ

'Thanks for giving me a chance to get my life back together I was in a high pressure sales job working six days a week drinking around 3 to 4 bottles of red every week plus more larger any chance I could. I had a two day treatment came back home and never looked back. I've rapped my job in and took a completely different look on life lost over a stone, feel great, well worth doing thanks'. Scott Bell

‘I have been meaning to contact you to say thank you for the treatment. I seem to have been much better since. I stopped for 2½ months and only drank over Christmas/New Year Eve. I don't seem to be as focused on it any more whereas before it was literally obsessed with drinking wine. Currently I seem to have control of it like you said! Thank you so much. Kind regards'. Claire

'I have been fine since my treatment and not had a drink. Only on one occasion did I feel like having one, this was the day I didn't get a job I really wanted however I resisted'. Maria K

'After my treatment I entered into a period of total abstinence with some scepticism. However I was very genuinely surprised at how easy it was. Here I am at the four week point and I haven't touched a drop. I do plan to reintroduce alcohol at some point but thanks to the treatment I am in no hurry. A thousand thank you’s'. Jonny

'Everything is going very well, thank you for all your help'. Lisa P

'In the past nine months I've 'slipped' three times but they've been short sharp painful to recover from but i do feel now that I'm through the experience and am ready to post feedback on your website. I hope that what I write will convey to whoever reads it that there really is genuine, realistic hope and the opportunity to change things by going to see you. I don't think that without having been to see you that I would have realise this and I can't thank you enough for having, literally give me my life back. A proper, wholesome, satisfying daily experience and the chance to enjoy the normal, simple things that some people must take for granted. Thanks again and I hope you finally get some common sense response from the NHS in realising that what you do works. If you ever need me as a referral please just let me know as I'd be more than happy to voice a very positive opinion'. Kevin M

'Just want to say a huge thank you for giving me my life back. Amazing treatment, I don't think I could have done this by myself - particularly as I am going through a divorce - a very difficult time and emotional time. Again, thank you so much. Alison

'It has been 3 weeks since I had the treatment and not touched a drop of alcohol. I was regularly drinking between 1 to 2 bottles of wine a night and more at the weekends. I have attended several social functions since having the treatment and not felt tempted to drink alcohol. I have more energy, sleep better than I have done in years and feel fantastic!!'. Laura

'This is a fantastic treatment - it works. It permanently changes your relationship with alcohol (for me) so you can't drink more than a moderate amount and can easily skip it for a couple of days. It is criminal that it is not available on the NHS'. M Holt

'Attended 3 social events, a funeral wake a colleague leaving work and a meeting held in the local pub where alcohol was freely available each time and I felt disinterested each time. At home I have replaced alcohol with water out of the home I replace it with a soft drink. I just don't know why I haven't done this before! I am extremely pleased with the outcome so far'. Jen

'8 weeks into the programme and so far so good, it's brilliant as far as I am concerned' Jen

'Thank you so much. My family are amazed regarding my recover with my alcohol and smoking issues. I have nothing but good to say about your treatment and your kindness when I have called for advice or information. I am indebted to you'. Lin Wells

"After trying numerous treatments during my long battle with alcohol addiction I was surfing the internet with a growing sense of desperation looking for something or someone who could end my daily nightmare of living with a condition that was threatening to end my life, death a condition from which there is no recovery. Luck was with me that day and the centre appeared on the screen. Having tried all the old way, I had nothing to loose and made contact. I admit on the day of the treatment I did not hold out much hope but I was rapidly running out of options. I had spent a fortune on previous detox treatments, counselling and even tried AA, all of which left me feeling poorer and more hopeless. From the very first treatment I felt like I been re-born, the depression I had been suffering from was lifted, I suffered no withdrawals symptoms and felt re-energised and had a zest for life the like of which I had not experienced since childhood. Three weeks on and I am back to have the stop smoking treatment having not drunk alcohol since my second treatment, I now want to be totally drug and addiction free and as I know the treatment works why try anything else. I feel evangelical and want to share my news with everyone. Miracles happen and I urge anyone struggling with addiction to take the plunge and change their lives for the better forever, eternal thanks, extraordinary!”. Mrs S Burrows

I had this treatment and that weekend we were away overnight in Manchester at a Comedy club. I successfully did not drink or have any desire to drink at all, which was a total revelation for me. When I got home I did not drink all that week and felt so good and proud and totally amazed that I did not even want to drink. I had been drinking daily for years and had never been able not to drink daily, despite promising myself that I wouldn't on a daily basis. The following weekend I was in London, I had a meal on the Friday and again didn't drink even though the wine on the table was flowing. I drank fizzy water. On the Saturday night I saw a show and went out for a meal with a usually non-drinking friend. We ordered our meal and she decided to have a cocktail. I said I didn't like cocktails and although she went through every single one trying to convince me, I said I didn't want one. She ordered herself a cocktail and me a Prosecco, stating she knew I loved Prosecco. I couldn't say I was driving as we were staying in a hotel. I couldn't say I was on antibiotics either as she knew full well I was fit and well. I left the drink in front of me for the whole meal, she had drunk hers and prompted me to drink mine. I took a sip and that small glass of Prosecco took me almost an hour to drink! I went back to the hotel convinced I had ruined everything. The following day and week I was back to not drinking and not wanting to either. Last weekend I was in Ireland for 4 days. I had a glass of wine and half a Guinness with oysters. I don't have the desire to drink and feel much better in myself and more alert in my mind. My children have noticed that I'm not drinking too. I seem to have so many hours in the evening now to do other things. I wanted to stay completely alcohol free for 6 weeks and did plan to have a drink on Christmas day. As you can see this hasn't happened but I can honestly say that even this very low level of alcohol consumption is amazing having come from daily drinking at least a bottle of wine weekdays (plus) and even more on weekends. Kind regards'. Ann D

'Thanks very much for your help, since having the treatment I have not drank any alcohol nor have any desire to! Long my it continue'. Thanks again'. Yvonne

'I have done very well since my treatment with you on 6th & 7th November in London. I have experienced no craving for alcohol at all and life is so much better! Many thanks again' Louise W

'Thank you so much for this service. I had been struggling to control my drinking behaviour and this was absolutely transformational. Literally from the moment I stepped out of the centre. It seems too good to be true, but it really does work. I am in so much of a better place, and no longer have cravings or urges to drink, without thinking carefully about my choices. And that has put me in control. I would recommend this without hesitation. I feel like a normal person! Thank you again'. Ella

'As I write this I am delighted to say that it is now 14 weeks since I touched a drop of alcohol. I came to London centre and I was desperate to do something as my drinking had spiralled out of control. I had drunk for as long as I care to remember - 30 years!! I did not drink during the day but come the evening I would easily down between one and two bottles of wine in a night. I had blackouts, the shakes and would become aggressive towards the people that stilled cared about me. In the past I admit I had a massive problem and had pushed to many people away as I chose drink over everything else. I found the website by chance and must have read the testimonials over and over at least a dozen times. I was indeed very sceptical about the treatment and the cost of having it but I am so glad I did. The first few days were hard as it was the habit of getting in from work and reaching for that first glass, weekends too at first were also tough. I have since been to a barbeque and out for diner (in a pub) and did not think about having alcohol. My aim is not to give up for good but to change my old habits. My children are so proud of me. I also look and feel so much better. Thank you so much for giving me my life back'. Sylvie


'Before I started the treatment I had been using cocaine for 16 years, the last two years being the worst I was sniffing up to 10 grams a day and my wife was about to leave and take the kids, my parents and friends had given up on me and I was close to losing everything. I found out about the treatment on the internet and everyone said it was my last chance (after trying NA, CA and counselling) after day 1 I didn't want any charlie, I'm now on day 5 and haven't had any coke or even want any. I've finally got my life back. My family noticed the difference straight away. I can finally watch a film properly or sit down for longer than 5 minutes and stop checking my phone for dealers chasing me for money. I was nervous before I started the treatment but 100% I'd recommend anyone doing it, I'm buzzing now after many years it's without coke'. Nick

‘Just want say a big thank you for giving my life back. What an amazing treatment, I had all the support and I don't think I could have done this by myself. I have been addicted to cocaine for 15 years. After the treatment I have had no cravings for it, it's been 3 months and I am clean. The guys are fantastic and I thank them again for a life changing process'.Ahmed

‘I attended the 5 day detox for cocaine and alcohol at the Manchester clinic with my sister. I have used alcohol and drugs on and off since my teenage years when the rave scene started. At times of emotional pain (bereavement and relationship breakups) I have used substances to numb the pain and previously was able to stop by myself. After losing my mum my usage was out of control and despite my own attempts I couldn't quit this time. I was having severe pains in my liver and had a perforated septum from snorting cocaine. I was worried about the mental and physical problems associated with detoxing. Would I be suicidal and depressed? How would my body cope? I was terrified but the other option of continuing to use was sure to kill me. On day 1 I was anxious and apprehensive about starting treatment but fell asleep soon after starting. I slept a lot on day 1 and 2 of the treatment and felt a bit shaky before starting day 3 but this subsided after starting. By day 3 I felt better with less fatigue, the pain in my liver was gone, my mood was good with no depression or any suicidal thoughts. No desire or urge to use and enjoying the feeling of being completely drug-free. My concerns about going ‘cold turkey' were unfounded as the treatment deals with all aspects of detox. Day 5 and my final treatment as I write and I feel completely different. I have a new lease of life and I am looking forward to my future for the first time in a long time. I am no longer ashamed and can look people in the eye knowing I am clean. I would recommend this treatment to anyone sick and fed up of using drugs but who have to out of habit. It may seem expensive but counting what I use in a week and comparing, it actually makes it affordable and is a small investment to have peace of mind and quality of life. No more spending days trying to score and use drugs. If you are contemplating using the treatment program you are doing the right thing. Time for me to get on with the rest of my life. Love & light'. AS

‘I decided to get the cocaine and alcohol treatment following a very difficult period in my life which resulted in me turning to cocaine and alcohol, I think it was a way of blanking out my problems. Instead I ended up with far more problems than I originally had. I am an adult survivor of child sex abuse and this trauma was pushed to depths of my mind. Then my mum died and life for me imploded and the crutch I chose to lean on was cocaine and alcohol. Over a 2 year period I ended up going from a ‘weekend' social user to having a habit of 2 grams per day and at the weekends more. At £50.00 a gram I was frittering away everything I had saved and built up. My sister was also struggling to cope with the death of our mum and she too ended up leaning on cocaine in an effort to cope. As our health both physical and mental began failing we both decided to come for this treatment, our last hope before we got to the point of no return. I am so grateful for the treatment, after the 1st day of 5 not wanting drink or cocaine. I feel great at day 5 of 5 and have already started making plans for future. Before all I cared about was ‘the next fix' nothing and no-one else'. GH

'Just a personal thanks from me to you. You have turned my life around and given me a new start. Can't thank you enough'. Eddie

'I have to admit I was sceptical about the treatment working however the results have been absolutely fantastic, not only have I not had a single craving since leaving your clinic but I also have absolutely no desire to use at all. As a result of this every aspect of my life has improved significantly and I would like to thank you for this. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you and your family'. Thomas D

'Found the centre on the web. I was at the lowest and darkest point of my life. Spent all of my wife's and our cash on coke over £12,000. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't work. I thought what the hell, lets give it a go. I meet the staff and felt at ease. Had 3 sessions. After the first session felt like a different person. By the third I felt like the old me. 4 week clean now, feel the best I've felt for years. The treatment and the staff not only sorted me out but save my marriage to my wife. If you are thinking of trying this, please do it worked for me'. Mr CB

'Thanks you for all your help and support. You made us feel so reassured from the moment I spoke to you. You have possibly saved his life and our marriage. We wish you all the best with so much thanks'. Mrs CB

'The good news is that after 2 months Michelle coping well with giving up cocaine'. TB

'I have been addicted to cocaine for approximately 20 years, tried numerous ways to stop however they all failed. This treatment is remarkable in the way that the thought of using cocaine has diminished. I walked out of the first session seeing a difference straight away, even my wife commented as I am generally on edge and constantly thinking of using cocaine. I sleep well now and have managed to get into work for a full week, the first time in months. My outlook has changed, even after a week of treatment (3 sessions) I believe I will never have to go back to that dark miserable place where addiction ultimately takes you. Its given me a new lease of life and I know that I can always have follow up treatment if required. Financially it's early days but I believe not only my health will improve but also my cash flow will increase as a regular user of cocaine I was spending at least £400 to £500 on a weekly basis plus loss of earnings, mental health problems and constant cocaine psychosis. The cost of treatment is very reasonable when you weigh up against what I was spending on drugs. The guys are fantastic and I thank them dearly for a life changing process that will no doubt put my life back on track'. James

'This treatment is really worth doing before I came here I was drinking around 10 pints per day and doing 10 to 15 grams of coke per week and at serious risk of losing my family. I started treatment in February roughly 6 months ago. I have now completely got the coke out of my life and although stopped drinking for several months I can now enjoy a social drink with friends and family. Life could not be better, well worth it thanks guys'. Steve

'3 years since I had my treatment for cocaine in Manchester. I was an extreme user of cocaine spending ridiculous amounts of money on it. After a course of treatment I have had no cravings for it or want to use it again!'. Stephen

'Things are going very well since my 4 day treatment in March, a massive thank you and thank you for the aftercare'. Mr Marshall

'I had recognised that my cocaine addiction had got out of hand as I felt as though I just couldn't say no to myself. The late nights drinking and daytime using was playing havoc with my day to day family life. I knew I wanted to stop for a while but had to be ready in my own mind. I booked the treatment and was a little apprehensive about giving up something that I had done for so many years and also something that I enjoyed doing so regularly. I am now 5 weeks down the line and haven't touched it and have no craving too. I have seen other people do it and been around it but have not been tempted once. I actually feel like a different person already and am amazed at the ease of the treatment. Here's to a future without a dependency on something I felt was rotting me from the inside out'. Nicola Martin

'Since treatment on the 2nd July everything has worked for me, I have got my life back. Thank you'. L.H.

'I was using cocaine regularly every day after work to help me get through the day. I've been to Cocaine Anonymous but it didn't work. I tried to stop by myself but it was too difficult. I came across the website on google and gave it a go. Oh my god, it worked straight away. I have no cravings and no need to take cocaine. It is a miracle, I feel so happy, I sleep better and drink less alcohol and have more energy. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to stop for good. It is very good value for money and doesn't take a lot of time. In one month I had my treatment money back by not using cocaine. I'm very pleased and already recommended your company to all my friends'. Vicky C

Crack Cocaine

'I was smoking crack heavily for years to the point it had destroyed my life and cost thousands. It was the lowest point of my life. I was smoking up to £1000.00 a day on some days. Basically as much as I could get my hands on. It took over my life and got a serious grip with serious effect and consequences, crime, loosing friends and family and lost self respect. I tried everything to stop, hospitals, counselling, doctors, I locked myself away everything and nothing seemed to work. This treatment was basically last hope and option for me. I was quite optimistic and unsure if it could or would work at first. But even after the 1st session of 8 I know there was a big difference. Drove down to the clinic wanting and craving crack and when I left there was nothing, no craving, no thoughts. I don't know how it works but it 100% does. It's quite amazing and I would have done it years ago if I had known about it. I can honestly say if it wasn't for this, I would have nothing or probably be dead. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help. It must be the best treatment out there, forget rehabs or anything else! Do not waste your time with anything else, if you want to stop this is what you need to do it'. Loui Health Assessment Before 27% andAfter 100%
‘I didn’t think it was possible for one day to be a crack addict on £350pw then to the next day not even having a single craving in your body. This guy has turned my life around. He is truly amazing and now I can have the life I always wanted with my whole family. PS. Drugs are for mugs!’. Eddie J.
'My name is Abdus Sabur, age 40, I married 15 years ago and now have 4 kids, I was hooked on crack for ten years. I was using crack worth £700 to £800 a week. My life was hell and I almost lost my family. I say whoever is in this addiction please contact a guy called Tony, he saved my life from this serious addiction of crack, I do not know how to thank him. Thank you very much Tony it has been 40 days since I had this treatment, I do not think about crack anymore, I am drug-free, I am a new person and I am happy with my family. Thank you again Tony'. Adbus Sabur

"It's absolutely great, it's hard to believe that this treatment works but when you have the treatment you definitely feel the difference. Thanks to all the staff for their help". Nasar Akram - "Being a long term family friend, I understand the suffering both the family and the drug user go through. Since the treatment 4 weeks have passed without him feeling any desire to take the drug (crack) again. This is a great method of treatment fast & effective". Family Friend

"I'd been using crack for around 7 years and in the last 8 months or so stepped up to using between a few hundred to over a £1,000 a week. Finally my family found out and offered to help me through the difficult phase of cleaning myself up before it took everything else away. I didn't feel the standard detox programs of sitting in groups, chatting, putting more drugs into my system to clean out crack or substituting crack for God was for me. My family found on the internet the detox and after researching we decided to give it a go. I can only describe the results as being 'back to normal.' I can only say I wish I'd found it earlier and saved thousands of pounds and much heart ache for my family. I can think about having children now without the fear of passing on crack through my system. I can think about decorating my new house (that I'm now NOT going to lose through crack debt). I can look my family in the eye and know I'm not hiding a secret. I feel clean, happy and normal". Peter M. 

"Before I came to the centre I was using £80 worth of heroin & £100 worth of crack a day. Within 5 days I had reduced to just 5 lines of heroin and no crack. I would never have done this without their help. I'm also eating & sleeping a whole lot better, in fact better in every way. (I've stablised at just 5 lines of heroin a day and should be off it altogether after my next session). Thank you". John Woodham

"I feel a lot better about myself and I can sleep a lot easier now. I've only had 1 treatment so far and I feel I have come back. I will tell as many drug users about this method, I don't know how it works but it's doing something right for me". David Ogilvie

"Since beginning the treatment I was taking 2 bags of brown and 2 bags white. After the treatment I had reduced by 50%, hopefully after the second treatment will reduce even further" Gary Smith

"I was using up to 2g of Heroin & Crack per day and my habit had developed to such an extent that I was living in a hostel in Liverpool and was extremely low. I was offered the chance to try the detox treatment and thought I had nothing to lose. I am now clean and feel great, I have got my family back a number one priority for me. I know I can get everything back but most of all I have myself back. Have the treatment it really is a God send" Mr C Cato.

"I have spent a lot of money on Crack but months have passed since I had my treatment and I haven't had any, remarkable". P Daniels

"I would recommend this to anyone who uses crack, after one treatment I haven't had any now for weeks now and not even thinking about it". T Williams


‘First like many others we were sceptical but this detox programme compared to many NHS and private more common detox rehab programme have to say this was and is the best. Don't get us wrong you still need the commitment and will power but it works! We were both very surprised and extremely happy with the treatment and the service. The staff were absolutely amazing, you get 1:1 treatment, individualised and specific to the individuals needs. We have gone through detox programs and rehabilitation programs and residential ones too and would definitely recommend this treatment very highly. Everyday you feel better and better'. Rofiq Ali & Shuley Begum

'At the beginning of my treatment (1st day) when I came in my usage was roughly 12 bags a day (1.5g) of heroin with a crack habit of £20 to £80 per day. Today I'm down to 2 lines and ready to step off, I have started eating 3 to 4 meals a day and sleep like a baby. Overall my usage has gone to zero and my normal self is back with no withdrawals. This treatment has made me feel better immediately and each time I have felt an improvement on a day to day basis. To be honest I feel like a different person and have realised that I' not stuck and caged by my addiction anymore. In short I've tried nearly every formal treatment for heroin detox nothing had worked. The reason is clear all the failed attempts were because I felt worse after the detox than before starting it. In this respect this treatment is different, I feel great'.YB Health Assessment Before 27% and After 89%
‘Hope you are well, I just want to say a big Thank you on helping Ryan, he is doing so well and back working and just being normal'. Ali

'I've enjoyed the whole experience as day by day I've slowly started feeling more and more normal and like my old self. The staff have made me feel positive about the detox and made me feel more confident. I had doubts that it would work and I've been pleasantly surprised. I really have a lot to thank you for. I've had my life changed for the better and now just need to keep going forward not back. I'm so glad I chose here and not detox 5'. Samantha Davy

'I was a £20.00 a day user. Over 6 days I'm down to nothing now. Has been painless as I reduced slowly. If you are someone who truly wants to stop, then I definitely recommend this treatment. Worked for me. Thanks guys'. Mr Singh

'Straight away from the first session have reduced my drug in take from injecting £100.00 a day to £60.00 a day and with every session completed my intake decreased. I have tried rehab and that never worked for me. If you have tried everything and all has failed, give this a go, I am living proof, one of many who have complete this type of therapy with success. Thank you'. Mohammed B

'When I arrived at the centre I was using 3 to 5 bags a day with 20 or 30mls of opiate substitute . After the initial treatment I was able to reduce the amount by half and no opiate substitute . Over the next few sessions I reduced steadily. I had a relapse one night but soon decided this was my best chance to give up so continued. On day 3 I had my last bit of drugs. Day 4 apart from a runny nose and feeling tired I was fine. Day 5 free - good sleep, eating really well and no shivers, no cramps, no screaming! So really, a huge thank you for being there, here's to the future (drug-free)!!'. Gillian S
'If you choose to come off heroin this is the only way I can see that actually supports you. I have done 6 sessions and was amazed by how much my amounts dropped each day and by how long in between it was that I needed to top up to feel OK. Because it is such a different approach you will be sceptical, if I have any words for you to take with you it is 'It Works'. So as soon as you make the decision to go forward wait till you really need a smoke, cos this way chaps the need to take it reduces every day. Trust this and you will do it. Good luck boys’ and girls'. Nev Wilding Musician
'It works, it really does!!! I was sceptical at the beginning I didn't understand how the treatment works it baffled me. But I had nothing left to loose, I had tried so many other ways to get clean and I never could manage it. The withdrawals process was simply too painful and I would always end up having to use again. I would use simply because it was too horrific and too painful not to use. The withdrawals from heroin left me suicidal and the thing that most appealed to me with this detox was that it promised very little withdrawal symptoms and in many cases none at all. Too good to be true I thought to myself but here I am over a week clean and I feel fantastic. This detox was simply amazing. I was able to detox off one of the most addictive drugs known to man with dignity and most of all very little discomfort. I wouldn't write this if it wasn't true, I know if your reading this you are probably in a dark, frightening place right now desperately trying to find a solution to your problems, just like I was days ago. I was frightened, my addiction was out of control and mentally, physically, emotionally I was at rock bottom. I dreaded each new day. But that's where I was, not where I am today! The solution is here, it’s simple, it’s painless and it has saved my life. Thank you so much to the guys, you were brilliant, honest, helpful and sympathetic. So if you are sceptical like I was, take that leap of faith, I promise you this treatment works, this detox works and not only am I clean from heroin, I am feeling so well physically, emotionally, and mentally, I have my life back and so could you - JUST PICK UP THAT PHONE!! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!Lorraine K
'At first I was suspicious that I could be detoxed from 8 bags of heroin a day painlessly in only 10 days. The staff were very understanding and as the treatment progressed I was able to use less and less each day until I got down to only 8 lines per day. At this stage I stopped using heroin however I did use some codeine to help and I am pleased to say that I am now ready to stop using codeine as well. Thank you'.S.B.

'I wasn't sure if the treatment would work at the beginning but after the first session I felt the difference. I cut down to 1 gram a day from 2 grms that's when I knew the treatment is working. Today is my last day and I'm down to nothing in 9 days. I Hope the best for the future'. Tuhin Zaman

'I heard about the treatment from a friend who saw it on the internet, thought I might as well give it a go as I've done most of the other treatment out there. Had a big 2grm habit, came in the first day with 2grm habit, after first session I cut it in half to 1grm and kept on halving it by 50%, after 4 sessions my habit was 0.4 to 0.5grms... after today's session I should be off. Staff are very helpful, my confidence going up day by day and I'm proud to say I'm not a vampire no more like before, when I was sleeping through day and smoking all night. Now I wake up early every day and hopefully have beaten this evil addiction'. With Mr Zaman above

'I have just finished having my ten day heroin detox. I started off by using 10 to 15 x £10 bags per day. I was run down, not sleeping, hardly eating and was living life for the day. I went for the treatment and instantly felt the difference. I reduced my habit in a slow and painless way and couldn't believe the benefits of this treatment. I was unsure before I started the treatment but after the first time of coming I reduced dramatically. I would recommend it to anyone as I had a big habit and it worked for me. I would also like to say a big thank you to the staff who helped me every step of the way and saved my life, thanks guys!!'. Mr T. S.  
Reduction: 15 Bags to: 12 bags - 8 bags - 5 bags - 3 bags - 2 bags - 2 bags - 1½ bags - 1 bag - ½ bag - 4 lines - 2 lines - 0

'After my first session my usage dropped to half and I had the minimum of withdrawals. The treatment was painless and I was able to detox living my life as normal. The staff were very understanding and did not judge me. I have a chance to live my life without drugs and owe it all to the centre'. Ms P

"I am a hairdresser and had been on and off heroin for some 12 years and was smoking 2 grams a day. I have had other detox treatments which were unsuccessful. After finding the information on the internet about the centre heroin treatment, I was not totally convinced it would work for me. However I booked for the treatment in Oct 09 which was very successful. I have now got my life back and business back".Mr E Moore

“I've been using drugs for twenty years and in the last three years I have been in two rehabs, the Priory and Promis and also N.A. but never getting clean longer than couple of months. We have both reduced our heroin intake massively in 5 days from 5 bags to nothing and have been cleared out of the urge for opiates. I was very sceptical at first but now I know that with my mind made up we are never going back, this treatment has just given us the head start we need to rebuild our lives”. Mr C & Ms J W

“I have been using crack & heroin for about 3 years and have been to Promis rehab but went back to the drugs within a week. In 5 days of coming here I've been sleeping really well and eating properly and no urge to go back. Each day I have felt better and now on the 5th day I feel great and off drugs”. Ms J. W

"When I started on this heroin detox treatment I didn't think it would take away the poorly ness on the come down as I was using 4 bags a day and after 7 hours I would be coming down but after the first treatment it was 12 to 14 hours before starting to withdraw. The second and third treatment I had got me down to 2 bags and I felt OK. The second week I got down to 1 bag then panicked a bit and used more than I should have, so I was back to 2 bags but they told me not to panic, try not to rush it to get off which was good to hear. The treatment works and they let you go at your own pace, so I got back on track and down to just £2.00 a day about 1 line. I was feeling a bit crampy in the stomach and I couldn't work it out but they realised it could have been because I stopped smoking and so they put me on the smoking program and it took care of it within 5 minutes, after that I felt a lot better and I haven't smoked a cigarette since. Coming of £2.00 was easy with no withdrawal at all. All I can say is, you don't think it's going to work but if you follow what they say, it works! T Hartley.

Over The Counter Painkillers
'I was taking Nurofren+ for about 20years daily, the amount varied but usually I was about 20 to 30 tablets a day. I hated this addiction, I just couldn't stop it. I have tried so many times to stop it, doing all the usual tapering, eating healthy etc, nothing worked. The withdrawals were just too hard I couldn't stand the sickness, diarrhoea, restless legs, headaches which were excruciating. It was much easier to pop another 2 tabs (well more like 4 to 6) to stop those withdrawal symptoms. I even went to my G.P. when I was really poorly and found I had a bleeding ulcer and was admitted to hospital. The G.P. had not come across this type of addiction, looked totally shocked at me taking so many tablets every day. I went on just codiene to taper as the Ibrofen was damaging my stomach. I was on Omeprazole for the ulcer now and Fluoxetine for anxiety, all with N+ gave me IBS. I tapered down from codiene the best I could, went to see a heroin drugs counsellor as there is no help for OTC meds addiction. He could not advise me either as it was totally out of his remit. I knew more than he did and I knew what I had to do just couldn't stand the withdrawals. I did not want to take it anymore but the withdrawals were so bad I just back out and bought some more N+. I got terrible mood swings, aggressive, crying and depression like you wouldn't believe. When I was happy I was ultra happy but that didn't last long. In the end I fell out with all my family as they thought I was taking other drugs as I obviously lied to them constantly. You get great at lying and convincing people your fine when you're so not. All this finally took its toll I was losing everyone I believed in and loved, so what was the point of being here? Surely it would be easier. Family intervened and I went to a rehab who tried but couldn't help me except for an inpatient stay costing thousands and also I might be bi-polar. Jeez anything else! I'd had enough and searched the internet everyday for ages looking up help for N+ addiction nothing except in-patient stays until I found Castle Healthcare! I found the website and called them immediately and was advised I would need 8 to 10 days for the length of time and usage I had been on. I read and re-read all the feedback of all clients with any addiction and was extremely excited but bit dubious. Well I'm on day 10 sat here writing this completely free from N+ I have not had any for 2 days now and I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING I feel. I came in as a 1 and feel today like 10! I am an ordinary person who was just desperate for help. PLEASE, PLEASE believe me that this works, don't quite know how but the staff I feel have saved my life LITERALLY! I cannot stress enough if you really want to get off those N+ tablets with NO withdrawals NOT ONE. I was extremely scared of having withdrawals even though I was advised I would have none but they were perfectly right. I cannot sing the praises of this therapy and the staff who let me taper my way whilst advising the best way. They have literally given me a new life, a much better, healthier, clearer life and for that I'll be eternally grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up your excellent work and care without you guys I would have been dead, that's how I feel. If you need treatment please give this a try you too like me will not believe it. THANKS GUYS SO MUCH :-) X'. Jill G N+ Reduction: From 20-30: - 15 - 12 - 9 - 7 - 4 - 4 - 2 - 1 - 0 - 0 in 10 treatment sessions.

Sleeping Tablets
‘Thank you so, so much for giving me my life back. This treatment works and I highly recommend it for withdrawing from prescription sleeping drugs! I found the Castle Healthcare web site when I was at the lowest point of my life having just lived through three months of hell. I had become dependent to the prescription sleeping tablet diazepam (Valium) as my GP didn't warn me that you shouldn't take any sleeping medicine for more than two weeks because they are highly addictive! For eight weeks I had tried to wean off 5% every two weeks but the withdrawal symptoms proved to be so terrible that my health and sanity suffered and I had to give up work and was housebound. Following each 5% reduction I went through four/five days when I experienced waves of panic, shaking, feeling sick and had difficulty catching my breathe....on two occasions the paramedics were called and confirmed that it was a panic attack and helped me get my breathing under control. I also had daily patches of deep depression when I would cry hysterically and have hallucinations of ways to commit suicide. Several times I wrapped a belt round my neck and searched around the house for somewhere to hang myself, or if out walking I would see myself stepping out in front of a car, then other times I would have a crazy half hour when I felt like I was drunk out of my mind and would run around the house singing loudly and dancing madly......all of these thoughts, feelings and behavior felt completely out of my control and very frightening, then quickly they would vanish and for a short while I would feel like my normal self and be able to talk, think and act rationally for a couple of hours before brain fog and short term memory loss kicked in.By bed time I was exhausted with aching eyes but I would only get a few hours sleep when the Valium was stimulating the sleep/calm receptors in the brain (Gaba). When I first experienced these symptoms I thought I had lost my mind and needed to be admitted into a mental hospital but as the days went by I realised there was a cycle of symptoms happening which settled down after four/five days but returned after I reduced another 5% of valium! I Googled 'withdrawal from valium' and every article described it as harder than weaning off heroin! I knew I was out of my depth and needed help so continued daily to gather any information and then had a lucky break when I found their site and rang the clinic. They explained how the treatment works and gave me hope that it would help me wean off valium faster than I had been able to and that it would make my system feel stronger at the same time. To be honest it sounded too good to be true and I was sceptical but I was so desperate I was willing to try anything! Luckily for me they had opened a clinic in Poole near my home and I was able to start treatment the next day. I booked a block of six treatments, after the first two treatments I didn't feel any benefit but they explained that it would take a few treatments, I continued having weekly treatments and reducing 5% of valium. After the third treatment the withdrawal symptoms gradually became milder and I began to have longer patches of being able to function normally. By the fifth treatment the withdrawal symptoms were so mild that I was able to be brave enough to withdraw 10% of valium every four days then 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% and all the psychological withdrawal symptoms stopped and the only symptom was occasional burning pains in my scalp. Amazingly I was soon able to finish weaning off the valium and was left feeling well both physically and mentally, it felt like a miracle. The only problem I was left with was having daily flash backs about the terrible three months when I was trying to wean off valium before I started to have the treatments. I told them this and they mentioned that there was a treatment for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) I had the three sessions and gradually these intrusive thoughts faded. Finally I was back to my normal positive, enthusiastic, happy self, sleeping well and with more energy than I ever had before. I was able to go back to work and rebuild my life. I cannot speak highly enough about this fantastic treatment and the wonderful support given me, it was very reassuring to know that they were both at the end of the phone and happy to talk to me at every step of my journey. Thank you both so, so much for all your help and support, you both threw me a life line when I was drowning and I will be forever grateful'. GJ

Codeine Detox
'I had been taking prescribed codeine for a back injury for approximately 18 months with no inkling of what would be in store for me when I tried to stop taking them. When I stopped taking my daily dose of approx 360mg codeine I felt like dying, I was completely debilitated. I couldn't sleep or get out of bed. I had hot and cold flushes, extreme diarrhea and sunk into a deep depression. Here began my four year battle with the drug. I started buying over the counter preparations to combat the withdrawals. The only reason I was taking them was simply because I couldn't cope with the severe withdrawal symptoms. I managed on two occasions to get off one drug, once by going cold turkey and once using tapering but started using them again within three months because I was so depressed and they lifted my mood (or so I thought). By this time my two children were four and five years old and were becoming quite a handful. My daughter at 3yrs old had been diagnosed with Type I diabetes which is very difficult to manage due to her growing so quickly. On top of this I was working full time in a stressful job with a lot of responsibility and my husband works away for four weeks at a time. Juggling work, shopping, cleaning, cooking, looking after the children and trying to manage my daughters diabetes was an impossible task, I started having anxiety attacks and sunk even further into depression. The worse I felt the more codeine I took to try to numb myself. I eventually reached breaking point and realised I had become completely out of control of my drug taking. The codeine was controlling me. One night in bed, I was on the internet and found a link to the centre. I read the information on the website, half with hope and half with disbelief. Could the 2 hours a day really get me off the codeine after everything else had failed? I filled in the short enquiry form and the next day the staff phoned me. He was so friendly, non-judgmental and helpful, I booked myself in for treatment straight-away 1 week later. I went in feeling absolutely desperate and hopeless and after just 1 session I had reduced my intake from 300+mg a day to approximately 80mg! It just got better from that point onwards. Five days later I was off the drug completely and had suffered no withdrawals effects at all. I wish I had known about this treatment when I first realised I had a problem. It is nothing short of miraculous and I now have my life back. I didn't think I'd live to see the day. The staff are fantastic people. They have done so much for so many people and I will be extremely grateful to them. The sooner this treatment is widely available the better. No-one needs to suffer anymore, it truly is amazing. Here's looking forward to a happy life'. Mrs J Winn

‘I was taking 8 x 60mg of Dihydrocodeine (DHC) a day, the doctor tried to get me off DHC to no avail as I became to sick with the withdrawals. Then my husband found the centre by searching the internet for detox programs and found the website. The treatment is completely painless and I haven't suffered any withdrawals and my health (IBS) has improved so much after 3 sessions. I suffered with IBS since I was 16 and I'm now 61, diarrhoea for days, can't go anywhere, stomach bad, I think the treatment is absolutely brilliant and has changed my life! I'm free of DHC after 10 treatment sessions and I will never touch the stuff again! I am very pleased with the outcome'. Sheila Caple

Tramadol Detox
I was thinking about how best to describe my treatment, all I can say is that it was wonderful. I was very sceptical at first but it worked perfectly. I was taking 500mg Tramadol a day and over six sessions have reduced down to zero without the pain or withdrawals, excellent results. The staff have been wonderful, they helped me by explaining the process to me (which was technical) but i got the gist. I highly recommend this treatment and will advise others to join this organisation as this is the best detox program life has to offer. Keep it up'. Hannah

Sleeping Tablets
‘Amazing absolutely amazing, don't go elsewhere come here. In the last 14 years I have been on and off been taking over a box a day of sleeping pills. Last Wed I was on 42 a day and in poor health, after my 4th session today I am now comfortably on 7\8 the proof is there. Don't waste time with people who fool you into rehab. The staff are top amazing fellas and I thank them for giving me my life back xxxxxx’ Ms C.F.