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For effective prescription drug therapy, turn to the prescription drug rehabilitation Mokuso provides. Based in Spennymoor, County Durham, our professional rehabilitation centre has helped thousands of clients break free from the clutches of substance abuse.

Reach Out for Help

When you, a relative, or a friend needs expert assistance with the cessation of prescription drug abuse, our treatment is the best option. That’s because Mokuso provides the only therapy that is proven to help stop the strong physical desire for those drugs, meaning our clients find it much easier to become drug-free. Whether you abuse prescription drugs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, our treatment will eliminate the impulse to continue taking drugs.

State-of-the-Art Treatment

By utilising subtle phase signal frequencies, our specialists work to neutralise and detoxify the effects of prescription drugs. As a result, clients find the rehabilitation process easy. Painless, safe, and relaxing, our treatment takes two hours per session. Most clients require between 1-5 sessions in order to fully break their habit.

Feel Free at Last

At Mokuso, most of our clients turn to our assistance after already trying – and failing – to stop taking prescription drugs on their own. Their inability to stop is the result of the strong, chemical desire cultivated when prescription drugs became an everyday part of their routine. It’s only with our help that thousands of clients have experienced relief throughout the last 10 years.

Making Clients Happy

Without a shadow of doubt, our rehabilitation centre receives the greatest client feedback. That’s because each of our clients receive the same carefully designed programme of treatments. The wealth of testimonials we receive are checked and verified by an independent solicitor. That means every letter, email, note, and thank-you card we receive is confirmed to be real and accurate by unbiased, third-party experts.

No Negative Effects

The goal of our prescription drug addiction therapy is to get you to the “end point”. In this final stage of rehabilitation, you’ll feel no desire to take prescription drugs. Following our assistance, clients confirm that they no longer experience the urge to abuse substances. That means our unique detoxification treatments work without causing:

Cravings – Withdrawal – Anxiety – Side-Effects – Stress – Mood Swings - Depression – Irritability


1 session          £200

2 sessions      £400

3 sessions       £600

4 sessions       £800

5 sessions       £1000

All prices include VAT and each session lasts 2 hours.

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