Rely on Powerful Substance Abuse Therapy in Spennymoor, County Durham

Don’t suffer from addiction to crack cocaine any longer. Instead, seek out the crack addiction treatments we provide. Based in Spennymoor, County Durham, Mokuso offers substance abuse therapy designed to help you end the struggle of addiction once and for all.

Supporting Addiction Sufferers

Crack addiction is a traumatic, financially ruinous situation – not just for the sufferer, but for their family and friends, too. That’s why Mokuso is dedicated to alleviating the effects of addiction with effective, practical treatments.

Therapy That Works

Crack cocaine is an exceptionally addictive substance. As a result, many people realise that they will need the help of professionals in order to successfully break their habit. Unfortunately, most turn to ineffective talking therapy and find that, rather than providing relief from addiction, repeatedly thinking about and discussing the substance simply adds fuel to the fire. At Mokuso, we offer an alternative solution.

Banish Cravings

A wide range of clients have benefitted from the assistance we provide. From those with deeply serious addictions to social or binge-users who are rightfully worried about their continued use of crack, our centre is on hand to help you beat the urge to smoke crack. What’s more, our therapy is uniquely placed to eliminate not just addiction, but feelings of withdrawal. In fact, most clients report feeling indifferent toward the drug following the treatment we provide.

Discreet Services

Many people are wary of visiting their general practitioner regarding problems like crack cocaine and heroin addiction. Clients report concerns that GPs will not just be unable to help, but will tarnish their medical record, making it harder to obtain insurance or pursue certain careers. Rest assured that visiting our rehabilitation centre has no impact on your medical record.

An Affordable Method

Recently, some of our clients revealed that they had been quoted up to £20,000 to attend residential rehabilitation centres that follow the “12-step programme”. Various experts claim that this programme achieves very little when it comes to halting crack cocaine addiction. What’s more, few people have the time or financial resources to attend such a costly, time-consuming programme. When you attend therapy with Mokuso, you’ll begin to feel relief following the very first session. By neutralising and erasing the effects of crack cocaine, our therapy works without pain or withdrawal symptoms.

Avant-Garde Treatments

At Mokuso, our treatments utilise advanced informational medicine. These processes draw upon contemporary understandings of physics to reduce physical dependencies in the body. Every substance, including crack cocaine, is imbued with a specific frequency. By administering opposing frequencies, our treatments neutralise and eventually mitigate the presence of harmful substances.

Fighting the Frequency

In the case of a client who is addicted to crack cocaine, the positive frequency of crack has already established a foothold within the body. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our specialists emit the equal and opposite negative frequency, diminishing the effects of the substance and eliminating feelings of craving.

Feel Well Again

Following treatment, the effects of crack cocaine will no longer be active. The extensive client feedback we receive indicates that, after therapy, our clients found breaking their habit effortless. Typically, clients feel significantly healthier after treatment, as their body responds to the various electroceutical frequencies we provide.

The Right Choice

There are many rehabilitation treatments available, though none are as effective as the ones provided by Mokuso. The results of the independently verified health assessments we carry out speak for themselves. Pre-treatment, most clients score poorly; assessments pinpoint their health at approximately 20-30%. After the detoxification process is complete, clients typically score between 85-95% - a dramatic improvement.

Pragmatic Treatments

The highly successful treatments we offer are non-residential. In addition, they are suitable for substance users smoking anything from a few stones at the weekend to heavy, daily users. Clients recommend our assistance because it does not rely on hypnosis, counselling, the 12 steps, or harmful medication

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