Take Advantage of Proven Heroin Detoxification

The heroin addiction treatments we provide are truly second to none. That is because all of our heroin detoxification programmes are carefully designed and configured to ensure that you or your loved one can find relief from addiction without painful or uncomfortable side-effects.

A Pain and withdrawal Free Process

Mokuso is proud to offer the only painless and withdrawal free method of heroin detoxification. Helping you to significantly reduce then ultimately stop your intake of heroin without the majority of regular withdrawal symptoms commonly associated with coming off heroin. 

Our services are available for just £295 per session with 5 to 10 sessions required to eradicate the need to use heroin.

Helping Our Clients

As with all of the services we provide, Mokuso works tirelessly to change people’s lives. In the case of many people, the treatments we carry out are often life-saving.

Swift Results

The treatment we offer is uniquely capable of reducing the body’s physical need for opiates. 

Over 95% of people report that after a 5 to 10 day treatment plan, consisting of a 2 hour session per day, that their sleeping and eating patterns are greatly improved, this is due to the complete eradication of the bodies chemical dependency on heroin. 

All of this is completed without pain, discomfort, or withdrawal symptoms.

Demonstrably Effective

The health assessment forms we ask clients to complete demonstrate that, following treatment, a significant improvement is made to the quality of sleeping and eating, as well as the quality of physical and mental health. Meanwhile, competing opiate detoxification programmes are aggressive, painful, and take months to work.


1 session        £250

2 sessions      £500

3 sessions      £750

4 sessions       £1000

5 sessions       £1250

10 sessions     £2500

All prices include VAT and each session lasts 2 hours.

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