About Mokuso

Mokuso is a private and confidential centre that uses frequency technology to help you or a loved one to stop drinking, smoking, and the abuse of opiates and other substances. The treatments eliminates withdrawals giving you or your loved one the best possible chance to overcome the habit.

We also offer help with emotional, psychological and longstanding health issues.

The confidential, non-judgemental service we offer is provided discreetly in a private treatment room based in Spennymoor, County Durham.

The Science

The human body has a frequency and much about a person's health can be determined by it. The body (muscle, tissue, bones, cells etc) also responds to various 'beneficial input frequencies' (Hz) or 'electroceuticals' which can help to improve physical health hence why our clients feel so much better during/after treatment.

Our technicians took basic principles in physics and applied them to new areas to help with addiction and dependency issues. Our treatment method uses specific phase signals (frequency) to help:

  • neutralise any substance and reduce physical dependency
  • improve and restore physical & mental health.

The technology that our treatments is based upon is currently being used in trails by Dr Anthony Holland at Novobiotronics in New York, USA to 'shatter' cancer cells and has far reaching applications to do with health and well being.

We are at the cutting edge of this treatment and the results and testimonials received speak for themselves.

Why Our Treatments are Different

All other treatment methods to help people stop drinking or stop using drugs have a high margin for error and so achieve very low success rates as they use 'slow and out-dated methods' such as counselling, rehab, 12 steps, CBT etc) or daily medications (pharma meds, sprays, opiates, subutex etc) which don't work for most people or most of the time and perform very badly in any head to head challenge.

This is because none of these methods can remove the 'cause' of the problem which is the 'frequency of the substance' itself. The phase signal of the substance maintains the craving or desire for that substance, once neutralised the craving/desire has either gone or is greatly diminished therefore making it much easier to stop drinking or using drugs etc.

Practised Professionals

Mokuso is leading the way in frequency treatments designed to help clients put their substance issues to rest. Throughout the last 10 years, our centres have helped more than 10,000 private clients regain control of their lives. What’s more, we have received more verified testimonials than any other treatment centre in the UK.

Prompt Procedures

The treatments we offer take just two hours a day, for between 1-10 days. The duration of your treatment will depend on the substance you are taking, and the amount you consume. The therapy we offer is quick, painless, and produces instant results for only £295 per session.

Proven Results

Don’t waste time with impotent counselling, ineffective talking therapy, or pointless medication. Instead, take advantage of the swift, successful, and affordable treatments we provide. Producing tangible results with no negative side-effects, our treatments helps clients to:

Stop Drinking – Stop Using Cocaine – Stop Using Crack 

 Stop Using Opiates – Stop Using Prescribed Drugs

Detoxify Their Bodies – Regain Control

Volunteers Wanted

Currently, Mokuso is developing a variety of therapeutic programmes designed to provide relief from various medical and psychological conditions. In the near future, we will be recruiting volunteers to participate in a number of trials. These trials will consist of an initial session lasting up to two hours, followed by up to eight 45-minute sessions across a period of two months. The ailments our research hopes to remedy include migraines, post traumatic stress, emotional issues and allergies.

Please contact us to volunteer for the treatments or to discuss this in more detail

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