Fast successful treatment for regular, binge and evening drinkers

If you or someone close to you has a desire to stop using alcohol we are here to help you regain control. 

The treatments we provide will help stop the craving and desire to use alcohol that will enable you to become alcohol free. Some people use alcohol daily, some may only use it once or twice a week while others may turn to alcohol during difficult or stressful times. All of these stem from an 'urge or desire' to consume alcohol.

Our treatments can help to stop those 'urges and desires'.

The treatment

The alcohol treatment Mokuso provides works by using subtle phase signal frequencies to defuse and detoxify the effect of alcohol upon the body. 

What is more, our treatments significantly reduce the body's tolerance to alcohol to normalised levels. All of this makes it much easier for you or a loved one to finally stop drinking. 

The treatment process is painless, relaxing, and swift, taking just two hours per session. Most people require between 2-5 sessions in order to achieve their alcohol-free ambitions.

the treatment process

Initial consultation either by phone, email or in person in our private treatment room to discuss the alcohol usage details and how many sessions may be required for effective treatment.

You are seated in a reclining chair for the duration of the treatment and will be attached to a biotech frequency machine via 2 wristbands.

The treatment typically lasts for 2 hours.

goals and results

At Mokuso it is our goal to ensure that every treatment we administer helps you or those close to you live an alcohol free life.

Over the last 10 years the majority of clients have been ordinary people who have been drinking alcohol in the evenings or weekends to varying degrees. Many have found it to be difficult to break the cycle of drinking on their own, which is why they have turned to Mokuso to help them break the urge and desire to drink and lead them to a life free of alcohol.

Our treatments can help you achieve those goals, with all client testimonials, 

thank you cards or letters we receive being checked and verified by independent solicitors.

After completing our alcohol detox process people confirm that they do not normally experience any of the usual problems associated with giving up alcohol

  • No Withdrawals.
  • No Cravings.
  • No Anxiety.
  • No Depression.
  • No Mood Swings.
  • No Side Effects.
  • No Stress.
  • No Irritability.


1 session        £200

2 sessions      £400

3 sessions      £600

4 sessions       £800

5 sessions       £1000

full alcohol support programme from £1500

All prices include VAT and each session lasts 2 hours.

Offer: 10% Off alcohol treatments 

Discount Applies to Treatments Booked During May and june

“After I received the treatment, I simply felt like I didn’t want to drink any alcohol. It’s like a switch has been turned off inside. It’s a very welcome feeling.” – Anne G

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